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Uncovering the hidden power of the sea
We are a small business developing seaweed-based skincare, food & workshops
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We developed our formulae after being disappointed at the level of harsh chemicals in popular brands

What our customers say

"The facial oil (unscented) has made a remarkable difference to my rosacea"

Dr. Anne

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"My face was super moisturized"


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"Seaweed mask beautifully adheres to the skin"


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"Love my print and original!"


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"Couldn't believe just how beautiful and intricate it was close-up and in-person."


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"Feels like I've had an expensive facial!"


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Where do we harvest seaweed
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We wild harvest our seaweed from the intertidal zone (which is the area between mean low and high tide) across a few sites in Dorset.

Are our methods of harvesting seaweed sustainable?
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Yes. We ensure our methods are sustainable by following Natural Englands code of conduct when it comes to hand harvesting seaweeds. We use sharp scissors to cut off the top third of the blade from the seaweed, making sure the holdfast (root-like structure) is still attached. Cutting the top third ensures the seaweeds can continue to grow and develop new blades from the tips.

Why do we use seaweed in skincare? 
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Seaweed has been used to heal skin issues for centuries because of its soothing properties (seaweed baths).

The vitamins and minerals, alongside amino acids and proteins contained in seaweed can be directly absorbed by our largest organ – the skin. Seaweed, especially brown seaweed, has an incredible water-holding capacity essentially keeping skin moisturised. It’s basically the property that seaweed had to build to stay alive in the intertidal zone. Seaweed can go from crisp-dry during the low tide, to nicely plump and fresh when it’s back in the water. The jelly-like substance that seaweed produces is soothing and our skincare has been developed after applying it in its raw form on breakouts, and dry, irritated patches on the face.

Will the oil clog my pores?
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No, it shouldn't. The carrier oil for our seaweed infusion is organic Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is basically a liquid wax which has a very similar chemical structure to Sebum – the oil naturally produced by our skin. That means when you apply Jojoba oil to you skin, it should manage sebum production (greasy skin) and moisturise without clogging pores or stripping the skin’s natural oils.

About us

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Contact us about seaweed talks/workshops
Contact us about seaweed talks/workshops
Contact us about seaweed talks/workshops