It is extremely important for us to adhere to sustainable principles with wild harvesting seaweed.
By choosing to do this, we are able to foster a relationship that is based on mutual respect between us and the seaweeds.
fresh kelp growing at seatown in Dorset


The most important part of the business is seaweed. Therefore we need to make sure we run our business with this as the leading principle. Seaweeds require ample time to regenerate after their blades have been harvested. There is a lot of research going on about the growth and recovery rates of wild and farmed seaweed. Environmental authorities who regulate wild harvesting have to make sure the wild stock is not being over exploited.

Local community

Our business in based in Bridport, an area of Dorset that is very supportive of local businesses. We firmly believe that the future we all want is based on mutual cooperation.

In terms of seaweed, this can be done by sharing useful data between businesses. Our ambition is to build a hub of individuals & businesses who are interested in developing the seaweed industry in the UK.

beach goers enjoying the sun at lulworth
Rockpool image of intertidal seaweeds

Seasonal Knowledge

As each season passes, we gain more knowledge and expertise. However, since the environment is rapidly changing, it is ever more important to focus on how humans can step up their efforts. We are always looking to surround ourselves by experienced individuals who want to make a difference, from microbiologists to product designers.

Each aspect of our business is considered for its sustainability credentials. We look to source local materials where possible, and buy from certified suppliers.